The Fishing Huts (Maskeliya)

British days cabins

The Fishing Huts is a set of cabins built during British days, but it is not a fishing location anymore.

It is located at the edge of Murray Estate in Maskeliya which spans over 3000 acres of land. The cabins are built on the bank of Baththulu-Oya, which separates the tea estate from the Adam’s Peak Wilderness Sanctuary.


The road leading to The Fishing Huts is quite bad and cars are not allowed to enter this road. A van or any 4×4 vehicle would do fine but never go in a big bus. If you go there in a car, you will have to leave it before you enter the estate. There is a bus that operates inside the estate for its workers, and the manager will send it to pick you up if you contact him.

Though the ride is rough and 8km long, the best part of the journey starts once you enter the estate. Waterfalls, Mausakelle Reservoir and Adam’s Peak make for stunning views. Some huts are built on the side of the road to take photos and phone calls. You don’t get any mobile signal once you enter Murray estate, so the spots that get signals are marked.


The Fishing Huts doesn’t provide food and there is no place to buy food, you must take all the material and the cook will cook whatever you want. If you forget to take anything, there is no place near to buy. Two people who work there are very friendly and help you with anything.



You’ll pass the following towns: Awissawella, Ginigathhena (turn right), Norton Bridge, Maussakelle, Nallathanni, Murray Estate


More Than 1500LKR

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  1. Not worth

    They’ve charged 20000/- per day for a one hut. This amount is too much for the facilities they provided. Beds and wash rooms were not clean. The head office has not been informed about our booking to the care taker. We had to come back around 8 km (very difficult road) just to inform there is no one in the hut. The place is not maintaining properly.

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